Compass Education Trust


I would like to welcome you to our Compass Trust website. We are a small Multi Academy Trust based in the South East of Essex and currently manage four local secondary schools.


As former Headteacher of The Billericay School, I had a vision to create an inclusive and supportive MAT in line with our main objective which is “seeking success for all”.


Multi academy trusts (MATs) are becoming an increasingly popular model of school governance in the UK. MATs are groups of academies that come together under a single legal entity and are governed by a board of directors or trustees. The aim of any MAT is to improve educational outcomes and provide greater efficiencies by sharing resources and expertise across schools.


MATs can vary in size from just a few schools to hundreds of schools, and they can be made up of primary, secondary or special schools. By pooling resources and expertise, MATs can provide a range of benefits to their schools, including access to specialist staff, shared facilities and economies of scale. They also provide a structure for schools to collaborate on curriculum development, teacher training and other areas of school improvement.


I firmly believe that MATs are an effective way to improve educational outcomes for all students, particularly those in disadvantaged areas, and can help to address issues such as teacher shortages and school funding constraints.


As CEO of The Compass Trust Ltd, I am honoured to lead this wonderful community of learners, educators and support staff.


Each school within our Trust is a place where we believe in the power of education to transform lives. We are committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment where students can thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. Our mission is to help each and every student reach their full potential and achieve their goals, whatever they may be.


I have high expectations for our students and our staff and ensure that each school strives to provide a challenging and stimulating curriculum that prepares our students for the future and helps them to become confident and responsible citizens.


I also believe that education is a collaborative effort. Each school will work closely with parents and carers to support the learning and development of our students, and we value the contributions of our wider community.


Strong and effective Governance is essential to the success of our trust and I am therefore confident that we have appointed a team of highly skilled Board of Trustees alongside the Governing Board of each school.


I am excited to build a successful and inclusive environment which prepares our students for a bright and exciting future.


Mr Ahson Mohammed, CEO